CKM – the professional for installation work: No project is too large

Fitting out your ship, a new retail store or even an entire hotel: we make it possible. We have the required capacity and sufficient professional installers to complete your building projects. Our qualified carpenters know their trade. You can rely on expert performance of the installation work on all items of the fit-out.

CKM Montagen knows no limits

Whether Europe, Asia, America or Australia – out installation team will support you over the entire globe. No matter where your need is – we are on site quickly and flexibly. No distance is too far for us:

"We are very flexible. This distinguishes us from the competition. The customer calls and we are already in the air or on the road within hours." (Quote by a CKM Montagen installer)

Not only our employees but also the material comes safely and intact on site.

We work precisely at the highest level
We work with greatest precision to fulfil your plans with total satisfaction. Moving in is not far off after our work is done We clean the rooms and in this way transform the building site into a space ready for moving in.

Newmat – stretch ceilings for innovative room design

We have been part of the Newmat network since January 2012. Newmat has been manufacturing stretch ceilings for more than 25 years. The Newmat stretch ceiling enables flat and concave ceilings to be created. Newmat combines aesthetics, movement and highest quality, which gives you even more freedom in designing your projects. The products are used in 54 countries.

For them to be marketed and distributed in the European Union, all stretch ceilings must comply with the requirements of the European Standard EN-141716 and bear the CE marking. The stretch ceilings are guaranteed for 10 years against tearing of the weld.

The CKM Montagen team is trained in installing the products.

You can obtain further information on the products on the official Newmat web site: